Latest version v1.10, 24 Jan 2020 by Mark Sheeky

Latest version v1.10, 24 Jan 2020

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About Flatspace
The original space exploration game, remastered in 2020 with new graphics and the latest game engine updates for a free release on Steam.

Flatspace is a space exploration game set in the distant future, when the universe has expanded so far that planets and stars have disintegrated. Humanity still exists in space stations.

The objective in the game is to locate and assemble parts of a galactic hyperdrive, however there is a lot of freedom for the player and as a space captain, you decide how you want to play. To make a profit, you could opt to trade cargo between eerie space stations, or become a space pirate and steal cargo. You can join the police force, or become a bounty hunter and track and destroy the most wanted criminals in the galaxy. You can mine asteroids, act as a high speed courier or taxi paying customers from sector to sector.

As a space captain you can fly any of over a hundred ships in the Flatspace universe, providing you can afford the price tag. Ships can be customised to your will or requirements with many different fittings. Weapons, shield units, generators, trackers and scanners, tractor beams, stun beams, mines and missiles and many more items.

Fragtopia (Review Extract): "It's an addictive little game, with a unique type of gameplay. I've been playing it on and off for quite a while now, and I'm not even close to exploring the entire universe or getting bored..."

Game Tunnel (Review Extract): "Having a huge game like this with everything being dynamic and having it all come out as nicely as it did is amazing. What would have made it nicer is some kind of story mode, but with what Flatspace already provides, you can still expect to see a lot of interesting things happening in the game... with the huge world, incredibly dynamic A.I., and sheer number of things to do, Flatspace should provide plenty of hours of diversion..."