I'm Mark Sheeky and I programmed all of the Cornutopia Games, with help with play-testing and design ideas from my friend and collaborator Andrew Williams.

Game programming was my first love as a child and I began programming in BASIC in 1983. The games on this site represent my Windows PC games. Most of my games were created 2002 to 2006, with my last original game being Gunstorm II.

All use my own game engine, Hector, and a custom 3D format. I also designed the 3D texturing software I use, and developed my advanced music and sound effects software, as well as creating the game artwork, composing the music, and recording the sound effects - I have built up a large sound effects library as a result.

I work as a music and visual artist now (check out www.marksheeky.com), but I continue to update all of my games regularly, often adding features, or remastering the graphics and audio for modern computers.

Many of the games are available on Steam. Here is my Steam Curator Page, and here is my Steam Community Page. For some games here, the orders are handled by a company called My Commerce.

Here are some links to YouTube Auto-Generated Channels for some of my games:
Flatspace IIk
Taskforce: The Mutants of October Morgane

Email games@marksheeky.com to contact me.

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