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Cornutopia Music 16 Nov 2014
After more than a year, the CD version of original The Flatspace Soundtrack album is now on sale once more from www.cornutopiamusic.com. The new website features all (over 20!) Cornutopia Music releases, including the two Flatspace soundtrack albums, and the original Arcangel soundtrack from the year 2000. An atmospheric analogue score in the mould of Philip Glass, Arcangel was studio recorded live from a Yamaha SY-85 synthesizer.

Special Offer This November 1 Nov 2014
Looking for an ideal gift this winter? During November, every order for Flatspace IIk or Flatspace II comes with ALL three of the bonus music packs AND as an extra bonus a copy of Gunstorm, the arena shooter that inspired the Flatspace mouse control system. Want to give the gift of Flatspace? Select the Backup Media option at the Checkout to be sent a hard copy of your order on CD or DVD.

Cornutopia Titles Updated 29 Aug 2014
Launched today, most of the Cornutopia Software game titles have been remastered, updated with high definition graphics and new generous demos. If you've not tried them before, the inventive games like Bool and Radioactive are the direct pre-cursors of Flatspace. The demos are small, clean and can be played without limitation, so feel free to explore some of these classic titles and help support the developer.

Music Pack Offer 10 Aug 2014
The three offical Flatspace Music Packs are now down in price to $6 each, and as a special bonus, you can get all three music packs PLUS arena shooting game Gunstorm in a single order for $12. It's the ultimate upgrade to any version of Flatspace. See the Merchandise page for details and order links.

Flatspace and Flatspace II Love Posters 29 Jan 2014
Now on the Merchandise page, new offical Flatspace and Flatspace IIk poster images, printed and shipped worldwide by Society6. The new high resolution design is available as variety of products including iPhone and iPod cases and a stylish wall clock.

Flatspace and Flatspace II Half Price 28 Jul 2013
Flatspace and Flatspace II are now half price. Flatspace now costs $6 US, and Flatspace II costs $12. See the Order Game page for more.

Music Pack 3 Now Available 4 May 2013
The new Flatspace Music Pack 3 is now available on the Merchandise page. This upgrade contains seven new in-game tracks for any version of Flatspace (Flatspace, Flatspace II or Flatspace IIk). An essential buy for the gamer who wants the best version of the game!

Flatspace I, II on Indie Game Stand 4 Jan 2013
The new Flatspace bundle is now on www.indiegamestand.com. This unique pay-what-you-want offer includes the Flatspace Music Pack 3 and a percentage of the sale fee will be dontated to Macmillan nurses.

Indie Game Stand 12 Dec 2012
A unique Flatspace bundle will be on sale on www.indiegamestand.com on Jan 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th. This new pay-what-you-want site includes lots of extra bonus content (often including additional games depending on what you want to pay) and the Flatspace bundle will include Flatspace 1, 2 and a new exclusive Flatspace Music Pack 3. The new music pack will include seven new tracks and will work for any version of Flatspace too. Make a note to visit the site on those dates because the offer will ONLY BE ON THOSE FOUR DAYS.

Happy Birthday 1 Nov 2012
It's now been nine years since the first version of Flatspace was complete and ready for release in December 2003. With the release of Flatspace IIk earlier this year the game is still going strong!

New Facebook Page 4 Jun 2012
The new Facebook page address is http://www.facebook.com/lostinflatspace.

Simple Cart 17 May 2012
I've added a simple shopping cart system to the site to make it easier to order multiple items. That's useful for those who want the two music packs on the Merchandise page or the albums on the Music page because before you had to checkout after each individual order. Enjoy the new functionality.

Flatspace On Facebook 13 April 2012
Flatspace now has a new Facebook Page, replacing the old group. Please visit and click Like.

Flatspace IIk Released 28 February 2012
Flatspace IIk has been released. This first major Flatspace update in over a year includes the ability to create or modify in-game items, as well as new features like the tracking scanner locator, plus the full Flatspace II soundtrack in mp3 and ogg format, plus backdrop wallpaper and a print quality stargrid. The game costs $24 and is DRM free, a full version download is provided at the end of the other process. You can try the new demo and order the game on the downloads page. Flatspace II has also been updated to v1.06. The Impulse version of Flatspace II v1.06 will be live shortly on their site.

Flatspace IIk 8 February 2012
Flatspace IIk is in testing and is set for release on February the 28th.

Flatspace IIk Technical Pack 1 February 2012
The Flatspace IIk Technical Pack is now on the downloads page. The small download includes the default equipment and the technical manual, describing the parameters and instructions for creating or modifying the game items.

Flatspace IIk Screenshot 28 January 2012
Here is an early screenshot of Flatspace IIk. The circles that border the radar are part of the tracking scanner and guide the player towards the tracked vessel. That feature will be in the Flatspace II v1.06 update too.

Flatspace IIk 23 January 2012
I can announce that I'm working on a special edition of Flatspace II called Flatspace IIk. The game will be DRM free and sold for $16 directly from lostinflatspace via my provider Share-It. Flatspace IIk will include the full soundtrack, a general program update and include the ability to create or modify existing items/weapons/cargo etc. in the game universe. I'm planning on updating the Impulse version at the same time too although that won't include the soundtrack or plug-in ability.

Flatspace II Soundtrack Released 1 January 2012
The Flatspace II Soundtrack is now avialable from www.marksheeky.co.uk and the Merchandise Page. The soundtrack includes music from the game, plus remixes, re-recordings and several previously unreleased tracks connected with the game. Over the coming weeks, free downloads will be given to those who Like Mark's Facebook Page.

The Flatspace II Soundtrack 5 December 2011
Exciting news; The Flatspace II Soundtrack is soon to be released! The soundtrack will include the best tracks from the game and the music packs, and also include new remixes, remasters and previously unreleased new material. The album will be on sale by download on the Merchandise page, on www.marksheeky.co.uk and (in 2012) iTunes, but free downloads will be given to those who Like Mark's Facebook Page when the soundtrack is released in a few weeks.

Flatspace iPhone 1 May 2011
I've had a few reports that Flatspace iPhone is no longer in the app store. I'm mot sure if this is a transient problem or a permanent one. Wisp Games are reponsible for all aspects of the iPhone game. I've contacted them about the issue and am awaiting a reply.

Get Flatspace For Free 29 December 2010
Do you have a blog? Can you make a gameplay video? Review any Cornutopia Game on your blog, or make a video about Flatspace II or any Cornutopia Game for YouTube and I will give you a free copy of Flatspace. Just email me the link to your review or video. Remember to link to www.lostinflatspace.com or www.cornutopia.net.

Flatspace II Update Released! 17 November 2010
Flatspace II v1.05 has been released as is available now from Impulse. The new update includes over 20 gameplay changes and enhancements including a new Scarrid character class, the Nomad, new backdrops, nebula opacity settings, slightly changed heads up display, and lots of other changes to improve the gameplay experience and general system compatibility. Note that to upgrade all existing customers will need Impulse registration. Details of that can be found on the Impulse Reg. page.