An album is a work of art, the symphony of our age. Music is more than entertainment, at its best it can transcend humanity. In our albums we offer you music and imagery as artworks. Music to inspire, enthrall, move. Please buy our creations. Listen and be transported. Collect them, love, and treasure them.

All of the music on this website was created by artist Mark Sheeky.
Mark began writing music for computer games, and some some albums here are game soundtracks. Some albums here are experimental works like Pi or Art by Machine, some are collaborations. All are artworks, from the symphonic in scale to pop songs.

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Use the Shopping Basket to order CD versions. Secure payment is provided by PayPal and orders are sent to you by Mark Sheeky from Crewe, Cheshire. Delivery is 1 per order plus 1 per item.

Standard CD versions are professionally printed products that include a four page booklet, on disc printing, and a transparent CD Jewel Case. Note that for some albums your CD player must support playing CD-R burned music to play them (almost all CD players do).

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