I'm Mark Sheeky and I programmed all of the Cornutopia Games, starting in 1999.
I made these games because I loved programming.

You can download and try any game, there are no time limits, the demo versions have a limited number of levels or features. If you like a game, buy it and you will be given a plain full version download with no codes to enter or anything else. Delivery and payment by card or PayPal is handled by a company called MyCommerce/Share-It.

My games are small and usually work on any version of Windows from 98 to Windows 10. Please try a demo to check it works on your computer. The programs are not code-signed so Windows might ask for confirmation when run for the first time.

My most popular game by far is Flatspace II. My second most popular game is Radioactive. Aside from those two, my favourite is either Taskforce or Future Snooker.

Email info@cornutopia.net to contact me.

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