Music of Poetic Objects

R43A Music of Poetic Objects
Mark Sheeky

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Track listing
1. Strange Angles (3:55)
2. The Rat Rock (4:06)
3. Dreams of a Fly in Amber (3:36)
4. By Candlelight (4:28)
5. Bedtime Stories (2:04)
6. Wild Horses (5:10)
7. For Deborah (2:14)
8. The Swift Triptych: I. Don't Think I Can Feel Love Anymore (4:21)
9. The Swift Triptych: II. The High Flying Swift (4:31)
10. The Swift Triptych: III. All the Many Swifts (3:29)
11. The Love Reliquary: I. Angel on the Moon (3:20)
12. The Love Reliquary: II. The Lost Princess (3:29)
13. The Love Reliquary: III. The Garden of Stone (4:56)

About this album
This album explores ekphrasis, the transmutation of art through different media. Typically applied to poetry inspired by paintings or artworks, ekphrastic music seeks to condense the essential feeling of an artwork in music.

The style of the music continues the trend from Cycles & Shadows, expressive music centred around piano performances, augmented with other electronic instruments with an orchestral feeling, to create something completely new, yet linked to the cusp between the classical and romantic eras.

The music for Swift Trilogy was composed in 2016, shortly after completing the final painting in the series. I wanted to create some music that conveyed an eerie feeling to complement the paintings, something like a background layer of grey; this is why rain and mist permeate this music.

The Love Reliquary music was written in 2017, at around the time of Cycles & Shadows, and illustrates the change of direction of my musical style which began to emerge at that time.

The first six tracks were created in response to Ekphrastic Towers, an exhibition of art and poetry by the Write Out Loud poetry group and curated by John Keane. I was asked to contribute some artwork to the exhibition and I suggested that I compose some music about the items in the exhibition. I selected objects and poems that allowed a mix of musical styles, and, as with the Swift music, tried to condense and re-express the feelings of the source material, rather than create something descriptive.

Since childhood I've loved the mysterious darkness of Beethoven's Für Elise, one of the Cycles pieces was inspired by it. In a final twist of the ekphrastic theme, I thought I would create a piece of music inspired by another piece of music, and this is the result.

Music of Poetic Objects is my first album to feature an 8-page booklet. You can buy or stream the album now, or order a CD copy using the links below.

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