R30A Genesis
Mark Sheeky

Detail from Genesis Detail from Genesis Detail from Genesis

Track listing
1. Genesis I (07:05)
2. Genesis II (04:06)
3. Inside The Ant Hive (03:50)
4. Entering The Fractal Dimension (03:47)
5. Eastern Dreams (06:05)
6. Office Life (01:38)
7. Lost Ocean (04:17)
8. Planet Gaia (03:37)
9. Journey To Daedalus (02:50)
10. Overkill (03:24)
11. Hex (03:54)
12. Afro (02:13)

About this album
Mark Sheeky composed and recorded Genesis in the mid nineteen-nineties onto cassette tape, exclusively using an Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesizer, and so this album represents Sheeky's earliest existing music beyond the Protracker 'mod' music of the early part of that decade.

Listening to this music, the influence of Jean-Michel Jarre is clear, but there are also a lot of moods and ideas lifted from computer game music too. Journey to Daedalus refers to the Amiga game Frontier: Elite II, and Planet Gaia, later re-recorded for The Incredible Journey, is a reference to a planet in Damocles: Mercenary II. The album artwork is an homage to the Dragon 32, a machine with a colour scheme that remains forever burned into Mark's visual memory, hues that, for him, forever evoke feelings of childhood and happiness.

This version was recorded in 2017 from the analogue cassette-tape master copy.