R30A Genesis
Mark Sheeky

Detail from Genesis Detail from Genesis Detail from Genesis

Track listing
1. Genesis I (07:05)
2. Genesis II (04:06)
3. Inside The Ant Hive (03:50)
4. Entering The Fractal Dimension (03:47)
5. Eastern Dreams (06:05)
6. Office Life (01:38)
7. Lost Ocean (04:17)
8. Planet Gaia (03:37)
9. Journey To Daedalus (02:50)
10. Overkill (03:24)
11. Hex (03:54)
12. Afro (02:13)

About this album
I composed and recorded Genesis in the mid nineteen-nineties onto cassette tape, exclusively using an Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesizer, and so it represents my earliest existing music beyond the Protracker 'mod' music of the early part of that decade.

Listening to this music, the influence of Jean-Michel Jarre is clear, but there are also a lot of moods and ideas lifted from computer game music too. Journey to Daedalus refers to the Amiga game Frontier: Elite II, and Planet Gaia, later re-recorded for The Incredible Journey, is a reference to a planet in Damocles: Mercenary II. The album artwork is an homage to the Dragon 32, a machine with a colour scheme that remains forever burned into my visual memory, hues that forever evoke feelings of childhood and happiness.

This version was recorded in 2017 from the analogue cassette-tape master copy.