Synaesthesia (2015 Version)

R26A Synaesthesia (2015 Version)
Mark Sheeky

Detail from Synaesthesia (2015 Version) Detail from Synaesthesia (2015 Version) Detail from Synaesthesia (2015 Version)

Track listing
1. Space Infinity (2:33)
2. The Runner (6:11)
3. Safe House (0:59)
4. Interference (2:24)
5. Refuge (3:42)
6. Termination (4:43)
7. Waltz Of The Ghosts (4:09)
8. The Journey (0:27)
9. Resurrection (4:10)
10. Islands Of Memory (3:40)
11. Epitaph (2:24)

About this album
Synaesthesia is an electronic concept album. This was my first serious attempt at an album sized composition and was envisaged as a journey in images.

This is the third version of this, my first album. It was first recorded in 1999 entirely on a Yamaha SY-85 synthesizer, in a version which was briefly sold by REV Records. I became frustrated by the technical limitations, so in 2002 I resequenced most of the album using the earliest draft of my custom-designed software, NoiseStation. In 2015, I decided to remaster Synaesthesia ready for its first digital release. A few of the tracks were and re-resequenced, but generally the (unreleased) 2002 version was used as its basis.

In 2020, I decided to re-record the entire album using my latest music technology.