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The short Gunstorm album is my first collection of songs, as opposed to the purely instrumental music of most of my other CD's. Accredited to singer Tor James Faulkner, I wrote and produced the music and peformed the instrumentation. The main Gunstorm song was written specifically for my PC game, Gunstorm II, but proved popular when Tor performed it live so we decided to remix it a little and release it along with a special extended version. The album has a 1980's electro-pop sound, and the intent for the main theme was to pay homage to the television themes I remember as a child like Pole Position, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, and Star Fleet. A few extra recordings were added too, including Deflexion the theme to the first Gunstorm game, and One Day, a 2007 semi-finalist in the U.K. National Song Writing Competition.

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Video production by Dr. Stuart Ashen.
"There's a strong electro-pop vibe here, and I was frequently reminded of Yazoo, Erasure (in particular, thanks to Steven's voice) and Depeche Mode while listening to it. The whole ethos of early 80's electro-pop is entrenched throughout this album, and makes it a nostalgic blast from the (future) past..." Full Review...

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