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This is my largest work since The Spiral Staircase and like that album was written from scratch with a specific idea and emotions in mind. I decided to remove percussion and avoid regular rhythms to add more feeling, and have unified the tracks with musical themes and common instruments.

The work is divided into three sections, each with three tracks.

The first is Nothingness and the initial melody rises as it searches, shifting key, climbing and exploring options but always failing to find stability; crashing down to restart and retry. Sunset mirrors the climax and enters a dream of love, with crashing sea waves and wide brasses in triplets, a motif that is used throughout the album.

The second section, Madness and Asceticism, begins with loneliness and ends with comfort in the divine, before an empty and desolate ending.

The third section, The Attainment of Love, presents the climax to the album and revisits themes and musical ideas from earlier in the album that now come together in harmony.

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The Love Symphony
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