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The Lovers by Mark Sheeky
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The Lovers
Oil on panel
Oct 2011
Size 274x472 mm

Detail from The Lovers by Mark Sheeky Detail from The Lovers by Mark Sheeky Detail from The Lovers by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
The centre panel for The Love Reliquary, a gilded cabinet which opens to display three paintings.

The reliquary is a memento of a romance and this painting depicts the embrace of love, but one now turned into stone. Lichens and cracks show the age of the statue, but even as a memory the scene and therefore reminiscence is still beautiful.

The blue tit and the heart in the sky reference to an earlier painting of mine, The First Grasp Of Rebirth. The landscape from that painting is reflected in the red silver heart.

A silver jewel with gemstones is present on this painting, visible through the hole in the cabinet door.

You can find images of the reliquary in the 2012 Sculpture section of this website.

Technical details

The silver object is magnetic is held firmly in place by a second magnet on the back, but it's also removable. I didn't want to fix the object permanently on the painting to make the artwork easier to maintain.

The Lovers
Part of The Love Reliquary.

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