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The Time For Love Has Nearly Flown by Mark Sheeky
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The Time For Love Has Nearly Flown
Oil on panel
Jul 2007
Size 120x240 mm

About this painting
This small panel was initially an offcut of wood, presenting the opportunity to develop a new idea. Two simple symbols combine to convey a message.

The visual themes of the love heart and hour glass shape are repeated throughout this picture. A love heart in the colours of white and red rose petals is pierced by an arrow, thorned like a rose stem. A solitary tear drop, the full grey clouds, and the sad mood of the reflected faces in the lower left corner reinforce the central emotion of the painting, while the hourglass filling with sand and the distant bird reinforce time passing. Note the artificial perspective box to give an impression if distance which makes the canyon on the dead floor appear more solid.

Awards and Exhibitions
2009: Lyceum Exhibition 2009 (exhibited).
2010: Cubby Hole Exhibition (exhibited).
2010: R.B.S.A. Open All Media Exhibition (exhibited).

The Time For Love Has Nearly Flown
Price: 430
This painting is framed.
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