Oil Gallery
Paintings From 2009
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The Quest For Physical Intimacy In A Loveless Relationship

Self Portrait As Idiot Wanker

Chick Inside An Egg Dreaming Of The Sky

The Glorious Birth Of Summer

Eve Eating An Apple While God Looks On

Female God

Portrait Of Anna Q. Nilsson

Desparately Looking For Miró

The Landscape Of Anna Q. Nilsson

The Hanging Of Judas Iscariot

Rubaiyat Thirty Five: Perfection And Necroamoria

Nine Ladies Weeping At The Death Of A Phoenix

Financial Circumstances

Urban Escape

Two Parents Looking At A Very Isolated Child

The Silkworm

Clinging On

Depression Caused By The Selfishness Of Hiding Selected Personality Traits

Castles Of The Mind

The Bombing Of Dresden

I'll Be Here For You

The First Grasp Of Rebirth

There's A Lot To Be Said For Hormones

The Death By Explosion Of Moons And Keyholes

Money Just Running Out

Money Just Running Out

The Lightning Of Creation

Christmas Is About Presents

The Apocalypse of Finance
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