Artists Statement
Art isn't for art's sake, it's to soothe the soul and heal the mind. Art has a functional purpose in society; that of teacher, healer, therapist and God.
In my art I convey messages about the world and human experiences, to change myself and society for the better. This is the role of the artist. I believe that what is painted is more important than how, but I also value skill and beauty. I typically paint in oils in an intricate style. I also write music, produce pop songs, run a sound effects library, develop computer games, write poetry and short stories, make music videos, sculpt and anything else I can think of because I love learning, and try to push towards the new and the different.
I believe in art as a force for change and good in the world, it helps artists and society in important ways. Nothing can inspire and express and touch like it. Art defines civilisation.