Frequently Asked Questions

Does Flatspace IIk support higher resolutions? Such as 1920x1080?
You can set a custom resolution in any version of Flatspace by editing the Config.cfg file in a text editor and changing the "screenwidth" and "screenheight" options.

How do I delete a profile (save game)?
You can delete the files in Windows. They are normally in the Flatspace Games folder but on some versions of Windows these can be moved by the operating system. You can search for ".dat" files and delete them individually as needed.

When launching Flatspace II the egg timer appears for five seconds and then disappears and the app never loads.
Flatspace II doesn't always work with Windows Data Execution Prevention, that's turned off by default on most versions of Windows but if D.E.P. is turned on, find Data Execution Prevention in your Control Panel and add Flatspace II to the list of exceptions.

The game starts up and I hear sound but the screen stays black. Can you help?
This can happen with Visual Themes on Windows Vista and later. To fix it right-click on the main game application, choose properties, click on the "Compatibility" tab and check the boxes to Disable Visual Themes and Disable Desktop Composition. This can also happen if you have multiple graphics cards or your current card or monitor doesn't support the default resolution. To fix this, open the Config.cfg file in Notepad, and experiment with different adapter and screenwidth, screenheight, screendepth settings.

I have a large black square that appears behind the mouse cursor when the game is running and also all graphics like smoke from guns and thrusters have blocks behind them as well. Is there any way to resolve this?
This has been traced to a driver error on some Radeon graphics cards. It can be easily fixed. Open the Config.cfg file in a text editor (eg. Notepad) and set the line "disableadditiveglow=true".

I'm having problems running your demo of Flatspace. My message says the application failed to start because d3d9.dll was not found. Any ideas?
You need to install DirectX from Microsoft. Flatspace requires it. You can download it for free from the Microsoft website.

Can the game run in a window?
No. Flatspace, Flatspace II and Flatpspace IIk are full-screen only.

Are there any cheats in Flatspace II?
Any secrets and special features for Flatspace II are in the game for players to discover. Some secret messages are restricted to particular guild levels.

Are there any cheat modes in Flatspace I?
Yes. The cheats only work in the full version of Flatspace I not the demo, and only in v1.07 or greater. As your name (the pilot name) type one of the following to buy viagra soft online activate the cheat for that session: Double Damage, One Million Dollars, Ten Million Dollars, One Ton Upgrades. If you use the One Ton Upgrades cheat, remember to enable the cheat before you reload a game that you saved when the cheat was active or problems will occur.