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Passionate About Sound Quality
IndieSFX was started in 2003 by game developer Cornutopia to cater for game developers without the time or access to sound sources for sampling, or the means to create their own sounds.

Many small game developers use whatever freeware samples they can find but for a quality product, quality sounds are needed and one CD of sound effects can be used directly, or can be modified for use, on many games.

All sounds are original and sampled directly from the sound source using Rode condenser microphones or synthesized using SFXEngine, advanced custom written software.

The Chromatic And The Grey
Our sound effects are divided into two categories. The Pure Grey sounds consist of dry recordings, high quality mono recordings of real world sounds. The Chromatic range consists of synthetic or manipulated sounds. These are ready to use and are often manipulated forms of sounds in the Pure Grey range.

Try Before You Buy
We offer two preview methods to help show you exactly what IndieSFX sounds are like. You can preview all of the sounds strung together into an MP3 format medley, and you can also download and preview a small selection of the high quality samples.

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