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We Make High Quality Audio For Professionals
IndieSFX takes time and uses high quality equipment to create good quality sound effects and music for computer games. All sounds are 100% original, sampled from the actual sound source or synthesized from original waveforms, and supplied as high quality wav files.

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What We Make
Our sound effects and music categories.

Chromatic Our Sound Effects Library
Our range of sound effects are ready to use right away, and supplied as high quality wav files in both mono and stereo. Created in 32-bit, these are trimmed to silence and supplied as 16-bit PCM wav files. The Pure Grey sounds consist of dry recordings, high quality mono digital recordings of real world sounds.
Royalty Free Game Music
The IndieSFX Music library is a growing selection of music that can be purchased for a one-off price and used without paying a royalty. To add value, every track includes several variations including a 30 second edit, 60 second edit, two short loops, two stings (short fanfares), as well as the full track.
IndieSFX Music
IndieSFX Loops Loops
IndieSFX Loops are seamlessly looping stereo sound effects and music. These budget sounds are ideal for use as background tracks or title music for apps or web applications where size matters.
Sound Effect Bundles
Founded in 2003, IndieSFX sound effects have been created specificially for this site ever since and probably represent the world's largest collection of sound effects for games. From the full IndieSFX library to bundles of effects by game genre, you can buy multiple sets of sound effects at a discount.
IndieSFX SFXPacks SFXEngine and SFXPacks
SFXPacks are sound effects in spj format, ready to be used in our custom sound effects software for Windows, SFXEngine. The project files contain the all of the samples and modulators that were used to create each effect. SFXPacks give you the ability to create cool new sounds faster than ever before.