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The Mutants of October Morgane
When the controversial animal testing lab Cyrus Life Sciences is invaded by heavily armed animal rights extremists, the international anti-terrorist Taskforce is called in to take care of the situation... but all is not as it first seems...

As a Taskforce Commander, you will control your elite squad of soldiers to fight exciting and terrifying enemies. You will fight on levels that are different each time, complete a large variety of objectives in day or night vision conditions, and play any completed mission at any time as a single game.

Elite Mission Command
Taskforce is a squad level turn based strategy game in the style of games such as the X-COM series. The game has a 3D playing area (there are stairs and elevators), and the display is 3D and features a variety of camera angles.

Taskforce includes over 30 training and story missions that unfold to reveal a twisting plot and thrilling climax. All of the missions have random elements, from different starts for the enemies to whole random maps.

The ability to listen for the enemy, true lines of fire, real body hit location and a detailed and realistic damage system, illuminating flames, and real lighting conditions all add up to make an innovative strategy game with real depth.